glo-art   takes your message directly to the people who after all, are or will be the loyal consumer of your product. So whether you are featuring a luxury car or a can of soup, we have a location perfect for delivering your message and increasing your brand’s visibility.
Gio-Art Promotions is the innovator and the #1 production company specializing in the placement of corporate displays and or sampling opportunities in New York City Street Fair venues.
Who Doesn’t Like to Receive a Free Sample?
Product sampling gives consumers the opportunity to try new products risk-free.
It is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and generate sales.
It’s all about exposure-getting product into the hands of consumers.
A survey carried out by the Product Sampling Council found that a whopping 92% of consumers said they would buy a new product if they liked it after receiving a sample.
Participating in an already existing event (Street Fair), is by far, the most cost-effective way to put your message, product or brand in front of the public.

Avoid extra costs for Permits, Location Fees, Event Producers, Security Staff, etc., which can easily add up to $50,000 + for a 1 day event and avoid the hassle of dealing with various city agencies which will add Ten’s of Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Anguishing hours of back and forth.


Gio-Art Promotions currently maintains exclusive sponsorship rights to more than 90 of New York City’s largest, most famous and best attended Street Fairs in Manhattan.


  • Times Square (The Center of the Universe)
  • Midtown (the location of the world’s most prestigious hotels and theaters)
  • The Financial District
  • The Seaport District
  • Gio-Art has it covered.